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  • Jeevansangini Marriage Information System does not affirm or deny any claim or representation made by candidates regarding age, income, marital status and other particulars of bride/groom. Our Matrimonial portal has been established as a Service to bring like-minded people together in harmonious matrimony………….. For a lifetime of happiness. The concerned is / are requested to verify and satisfy themselves about the same.
  • Before registering yourself / your ward as a member of Jeevansangini Marriage Information System (JS), it is deemed that you have gone through the Terms and Conditions.
  • Your Membership is for personal use, it is not to be assigned, transferred, or licensed as to be used by any person.
  • Information provided by members regarding there profile is supplied by candidates itself or their relatives/ friends, JMIS does not certify or subscribe to claims and representation made by members regarding particulars of age, marital status, income and other particulars of bride/groom.
  • JS will maintain confidential,  all   personal   information   furnished   by members,   however,   JS   may   divulge   such  information,  as may  be  required  by  law  or  to  the  candidates  which  are  listed  in  matchlist.
  • If complaint is received by member regarding any particular member using or mailing abusive, obscene, profane, intimidating, illegal or in violation of rights of any person, including intellectual property rights to this office will immediately terminate membership of such offensive candidate.
  • JS reserves rights to terminate your membership if the information provided by you is found objectionable.
  • JS never arrange any meeting or acts as mediator between two parties.(*Conditions apply)
  • If you need a matchlist at your door step (by Speed Post with Charges), you must  contact  to JMIS registered office, Nagpur via phone / Letter / Email / SMS on or after due date, during office hours 12 noon to 6.00 PM on weekdays Monday to Saturday, due date  which is printed at the bottom of your previous matchlist.
  • Your enquiry / message will not be entertained before or after 12 noon to 7.00 PM.
  • Matchlist is provided by our registered office, Nagpur and franchisee /Agent / Representative is not responsible for this act.
  • JS provides monthly matchlist to members, only when any candidate(s) is / are registered as per their preferences within 30 days from your last matchlist.
  • JS cannot be committed for providing any successive matchlist in future.
  • Advertisement of candidate is published in newspaper as per our suitability and format.
  • JS takes utmost care to provide you matchlist of all updated candidates, if candidates fails to inform this office regarding his/her cancellation from Data Bank, his/her name may be continued in successive matchlist and for this JS will  not be responsible.
  • In case of change of contact details or other particulars, inform the same immediately. Else we will withhold your registration if other members complaints about the same
  • It is mandatory to the members / parents to get in touch with JS Nagpur office once in 3 months else their profile may/may not be forwarded to others. And if they fails to get in touch once in 6 months JS has right to  terminate their membership.

·    To Collect Monthly Matchlist from JS desk, You should always carry matchlist card along with your registration receipt

·      Membership fee is not refundable / Transferable under any circumstances upon termination / cancellation of candidate.

·         JS will be in touch with all members either by SMS / Email / Phone or Provided contact No(s)

·         If JS member discovers any contact information provided other than in contact details, JS has right to cancel his / her registration without any notice.

·         Whatever the online information provided by candidate is being verified by this office calling once on the contact no. provided by the candidate. To Dig Candidate’s complete information will be members own responsibility & Duty

·         Once the Candidate information is being verified by this office. JS reserves right to forward data to suitable candidate.

·         If JS finds any information provided by candidate doubtful, JS has right to delete such information without any notice

·         If any Candidate provides any fake information about himself, JS is not responsible for any such act.

·         Members will have to keep Registration Receipt at their own Custody, as it will require by JS office for any future correspondence.

·         JS will not provide any information regarding member to any person / members / third party for any legal consequences.

·         Candidate will have to verify either the SMS is being send by JS office & JS will not be responsible for any other SMS send other than by JS office.

·         Any Candidate can send his / her Interest to other Candidate. It is sole responsibility of the candidate either to accept or Decline his / her request. JS is not responsible for any such candidate act.

·         The information provided by candidate is uploaded on website for global response, Though JS has facility for Data backup, but due to any unforeseen reason database gets crash, JS will be not responsible.

·         It is Prior responsibility of the candidate to intimate JS Office, once his / her Marriage gets fixed, otherwise information about the candidate will be discovered in suitable candidate preference list, which will resulting unwanted phone calls from candidate / Family.

·         You will have to always use a polite language with our Front Desk Representative. If our JS Crew notices any abusive language used by candidate during discussion with our office representative, Candidate Registration will be canceled with immediate effect.

·         As Candidate profile is uploaded on website, any candidate either Registered or Un-Registered can go through your Profile or can send his / her Interest which is not matching your preferences, in this regard JS is not liable to carry any such responsibility.

·       Membership of candidate in JS.com Service is for his / her sole / Personal use. Candidate is not authorized to assign / transfer your membership / account details to any other person or entity.

·    Duration of Package :Your Registration is valid till period of correspond package which is you choose.

·         JS binds only provide such services and address count one time only in all packages which are grant / allow / provide at the time of Registration. It’s your responsibility & duty to go through the brochure and retain the same for future correspondence.

·         JS has the reserves rights to update / remove / add its service/s without prior notice & it is bound to candidate in near future.

·         JS reserve the rights to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions without any prior notice and is it binding to you in future.

·         Your suggestion and Queries are welcome.


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