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What are the benefits of registering on jeevansangini.com?

Following are the benefits you enjoy in your matrimonial search by registering with jeevansangini.com:

• JeevanSangini.com is India's first matrimonial with online kundali matching with online & Offline Services

• You get SMS regarding your Profile activity after you complete your registration

• Here you can view Profile on site with the help of different types of search options

Can I register a matrimonial profile on behalf of a relative?

Yes, You can register on behalf of your relative.

What is partner profile?

Partner profile essentially includes details that you would desire in your preferred partner. This gives us better understanding of your ideal partner and we suggest better matches based on your preference. Also, other members understand that what kind of partner you are looking for.

I have forgotten my login JeevanSangini ID/password. Can you help me?

No problem! You can get UserID & Password by Email, SMS or on Phone a. Email your Full name and Date of Birth; we will email you your Password.

b. SMS “PWD “ on 9371295154

c. Call us and get Userid & Password by SMS.

What is JeevanSangini ID?

This is auto- generated unique Id. This unique Id is for every individual who registers on jeevansangini.com. It is important and helpful because a user can see your profile details by inputting the profile ID in the given profile ID box whenever he/she wishes to search for your profile.

Can I choose my own JeevanSangini ID?

A. No, It’s generated automatically.

Why should I attach my photograph to my JeevanSangini.com profile?

A picture is worth a thousand words and makes your profile truly come alive!! Our statistics have clearly revealed that adding photographs to your matrimonial profile not only increase the number of times your profile is viewed but also multiplies the level of responses to your profile. And in addition, it enables you to get featured in Photo Searches.

Why “Invalid UserID or Incorrect Password” Message shows while login on Site.

Please check the Password is entered in correct case (Upper or Lower).Please ensure that there are no space in JeevanSangini ID. E.g. it should be RM300253 not RM 300253

How long it will take to upgrade my profile once I make payment?

When we receive your payment, will inform you & within 1hr your profile will activate as a Paid Member. And you will get benefit of Services.

How can I Edit my profile on JeevanSangini.com?

You can easily edit your profile following these steps:

Logon with your JeevanSangini ID and Password, then in Settings click on “Update profile" Link. Then select from various sections of profile information you wish to update

Tell me guidelines for Creating Profiles.

We read all the profiles submitted to us to make sure it is appropriate for display on JeevanSangini.com. To create your Profile go through the following channel. Register yourself as an online Member. Contact your nearest Branch of JeevanSangini.com & take any Package. You can directly come to our office of JeevanSangini for Membership registration

How will Candidate contact me?

After registering & activation of Membership plan will forward your data in your expectations, if any person interested in your profile they will contact you through our reference. Some people contact you after seen your profile on website of JeevanSangini.com

How can I "Express Interest" in a profile?

In every Profile “Express Interest” Link is given. If you like any Profile you can express interest to a profile, then he/she have a two options either accept or not accept to your interest

How can I search for my partner on Jeevansangini.com? What are the search options available?

The search on jeevansangini.com has been designed in a user-friendly way so that it is always effective and yields the results that you are looking for. You can simply login to jeevansangini.com and click on "search" to opt for type and go ahead finding your match.

What is Profile ID search?

This is auto- generated unique Id. A user can see your profile details by inputting the profile ID in the given profile ID box. This unique Id is for every individual person who register on jeevansangini.com to search with the unique profile Id.

I’m unpaid member. Can I contact a Member?

As an unpaid member you can view only profiles of brides and grooms registered on our website. But to contact them you have to become a paid member. Click here to know more about payment option.

I’m paid member. Can I Contact free members?

Yes! You can contact members by collecting their contact Number.

What is required for Kundli Matching?

If you are having your Horoscope, in that 'Varnadi Chakra' alias Nakshatra is given. You select your Nakshatra from the list provided. Our Kundli Matching Software will take care of matching Kundli.

How can I view contact details?

In the right corner of profile display page, you can see "Connect Via" section with a button named “Contact Info". Click on this button and you can see Contact details (if you are paid member)

Can I update my Nakshatra in Kundli Form.

You are supposed to update your Nakshatra in Kundli form only once.

By entering Date of Birth does Kundli Matches?

No, For Matching Kundli your Nakshatra is required, which helps in calculating Total goon-Milan of Bride and groom.

How can I know my Nakshatra?

To know your Nakshatra you should have your Horoscope.

Does this Kundli Matches with every candidate in Match-list?

Yes. If the candidate in your Match-list has also provided the requisite information for Kundli matching i.e. Varnadi Chakra called Nakshatra.

What are your subscription packages and pricing?

We have different kinds of Packages. For More Information click on Payment link.

Is there any facility of online payments?

A. Yes, We have Online Payment Facility. For more Info click on Payment link.

How I can view Candidate Photo?

By using search option you can view Profile of candidate & Photo. To view Full Photo Click on Enlarge Photo Link.

I’m not able to View Photo of Candidate?

Candidate photo can only be viewed if that candidate has uploaded the same at our website. Those who have failed to upload the photo, View Photo link will not display.

How to take address of Candidate?

On top of Candidate profile, Contact Info Button is provided. Once you click on that Button, you will get Address & Contact Details.

I have accidently clicked on "Not accept" to received interest; can you retrieve to that interest?

No Problem, if you have received interest & you wrongly clicked on not accept button. So you have an option, you can collect contact details of that candidate & directly make a call to him/her.

When I click on Address I get message that ‘You are not Paid Member’?

Candidate address can be viewed by paid member of JeevanSangini only. To become a Paid Member contact our office or our nearest Branch.

Do you advertise in Newspaper?

With member kind consent their advertisement is placed once in leading newspaper and response to them is forwarded accordingly.

How to View Kundli?

In the Candidate profile Match kundli Button is provided. Click on Match Kundli, New page will open specifying goon-Milan with your prospective life partner.

How to contact Customer support?

Get your queries answered instantly through our HelpDesk Number 9371295154 by support executives at JeevanSangini between 11.00 AM to 7:00 PM.

How to delete my profile from JeevanSangini?

Logon to JeevanSangini.com In Settings click on “Cancel Registration” Link is available Click on Link & mention Reason of cancel Registration. And confirm cancellation.

It is possible to restore the deleted profile?

Profile once deleted from our database cannot be restored.

Where are the offices of JeevanSangini.com?

To view address & contact number of branches Click on Representatives link.

FAQ about online payment

How to do online Payment ? what are the steps ?

To do online payment follow following steps

login on www.jeevanSangini.com with your userid & Password.

After login click on Payment link at bottom side of your home Page

On this page you can see Package options, read all Packages (with Registered post Charges) carefully & choose any one package

After choosing Package Press Pay online Button.

Then confirm your package by click on Accept button.

Then Enter your Email & Mobile number for Further email or SMS alerts regarding payment.

In how much time jeevansangini get payment from my side?

When you did payment you will get sms of transaction. Within 1 hour will get your payment, but in some case it takes some time due to Network Problem.

After payment what is further Procedure?

After successful payment you need to call us to inform about transaction. Our Executive will confirm your payment & will activate your account. We will send you SMS for the same.

How much time take to activate Package?

Package will activate within 24 hours after successful payment.

How much tax have to pay?

Tax included in package already.

How do you know that I did payment?

When you did payment, we will receive SMS, Email alerts about transaction.

Small I pay partial payment by online?

No, Partial Payment Not Allowed.

If I want to register in other branch, then by which process I can do?

Ok, if you wish to Register in specific JeevanSangini’s branch, you can do cash payment in personally. If you are doing Registration in any Branch Ultimately Registration will done in head office.

Is there any Discount facility? If yes so how to pay discounted Fees by online?

If you get discount from office in Fees, you can make payment online. When you try to pay for Package, discounted Fees is viewable on your screen. If You like pay for Registered post for mathchlist you have add in Discounted Fees.

JeevanSangini.com collaborated with CCAvenue payment gateway for online payment.

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